The EDGE Advantage

With the most comprehensive news, arts and entertainment coverage in Amarillo, Edge Monthly has become the most reliable media resource for an extremely diverse readership. Each month,  thousands of active, educated, affluent and highly influential consumers between the ages of 18 and 49 make many of their purchasing decisions based on advertisements they see on the pages of Edge Monthly.

Edge Monthly issues offer:

·         The most complete arts and entertainment coverage in the city with the biggest and best monthly calendars, including our Community and Events Calendar, and Amarillo’s best Music Calendar.

·         The EDGE influences where readers go, what they do, and where and how they spend their money; your ads are seen by people with disposable incomes.

·         People pick up the EDGE because they want it, and by actively seeking out the paper they are more motivated to respond to your advertisement. The EDGE isn't like junk mail or TV and radio commercials that consumers consciously avoid exposure to.

·         Basic graphic design and concept of ads is included in the price. We work hard to make sure your ad looks good. Because we look good.

·         The EDGE boasts a well-designed, easy to read, tabloid format. Your ads don't get lost as they do in the big daily papers. They are also in full color (unlike others)

·         Edge Monthly management is experienced, committed to a quality product and community-oriented. The EDGE is locally owned and operated.